As there will be a detailed health check-up program by skilled specialists / doctors of Norvik Hospital on the occasion of the 19th anniversary of Shramjyoti Savings and Loan Cooperative Society, the interested members have been informed to register their names as soon as possible.
Services to be provided: –

  1. Blood Sugar Random
  2. Creatinine (Kidney Test)
  3. Hematology Profile / CBC
  4. ESR
  5. Urine Routine
  6. ECG
  7. SGPT (Liver function Test)
  8. SGOT (Liver function Test)
  9. Thyroid Test (Optional) *

Date, Time and Venue of the Program: –
Date: – 29th of
Ashad, 2075, Friday Venue: – Office of the Organization, Wagwazar, Kathmandu
Time: – After 11:00 pm
(Note: For the above mentioned test, the previous fee is discounted and Rs. 1,060.—
(sixty one thousand rupees only) has been maintained. thairoida test you need to sleep to
additional Rs. 610 (take.)
sramajyoti savings and credit cooperative Society Ltd.
contact: – phone No. 422 9 680

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