The debtors mentioned in the details of the loan taken from this cooperative for various purposes as per the loan agreement within the stipulated time to repay the amount to be repaid several times in writing and verbally without paying, without paying the loan. As no interest has been shown towards repaying the loan till date even while publishing the 35-day notice, the 35-day notice has been issued to sell the pledged house and land as per the details in the pledge security. In case of non-repayment of the loan within the said period, the collateral auction will be held at the office of this cooperative on the 40th day from the date of publication of this notice.

Everyone concerned is informed. Otherwise, the collateral written for loan security, real estate house / land cooperative act, rules and regulations of this organization as per the details mentioned in the details of the security of the auction will be auctioned or legal action will be taken to recover the loan amount. It is also informed that if the collateral secured cannot be sold at auction, the remaining arrears will be recovered from the debtor and other assets of the guarantor.

  1. Debtor’s name: Uddhav Kumar Bhujel
  2. Debtor’s Name: Shambhu Prasad Nepal
  3. Debtor’s name: Ram Niwas Singh

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